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There are 2,367 hand tool manufacturers in Taiwan. Top-level, high-quality hardware tools are gathered at one time. More than 70% of the manufacturers are located in the central region (Zhongzhangtou). This exhibition will use Taichung as the base to radiate the supply chain of world-renowned brands, making Taiwan a global Well-known hand tool manufacturing kingdom. The total export value in 2021 will reach 4.79 billion US dollars, a substantial increase of 27.4% compared with 2020, setting a historical record for export value. Among them, the export to the United States increased by 26.9%, and the export to the EU increased by 33.3%, which was very impressive. The first Taiwan International Hardware & Tools Fair led by the association will lead Taiwanese companies to provide global buyers with the most competitive advantages and the most complete product procurement exhibition, making Taiwan hand tools the best choice for global buyers.